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Looking for a healthy snack or the better half of a healthy sandwich?

Instead of mayonnaise try mixing avocado with canned tuna. Fresh is best, but if you're pressed for time these products from HEB in Sienna, TX make this quick and easy. Perfect just the two together with a bit of pepper or on your favorite whole wheat bread or wrap with some lettuce and tomato. If you're looking to add some carbohydrate, but gluten isn't in your picture these also go well with gluten-free crackers or celery. Avocado and Tuna combined macros: 280 calories 13.5 grams fat 5 g carbohydrate (3g fiber) 34 g protein

Brian Day is an Exercise Physiologist and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. His private training business,, is based out of Sienna in Missouri City, Texas. you can learn more at and . Call or text (617)794-6796. Email

— in Sienna, Texas.

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