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Brian Day, BS, CSCS


I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in the nearby suburbs.  I grew up an avid skier, BMX bicycle racer, weight trainer and martial artist.   I began lifting weights and the martial art of Tang Soo Do at age 14.  1997 I earned my degree in Exercise Physiology at UMASS Lowell.  It was during that time that I was introduced to Kenpo,  eventually earning my 2nd degree Black Belt under Hanshi Craig Seavey.  

The growth mindset that my parents instilled in me has been the underlying force behind everything that I've ever accomplished.  I believe in constant and never ending improvement.  What brings me great joy in my work is making my clients challenges my own.   Sometimes people think a trainers job is to "motivate" clients.  In truth if you've read this far down my web page you are already motivated.  You already have a desire and recognize that there is a standard that must be met to achieve that goal.  My job is both to hold you to that standard and to show you the safest most productive ways to reach that goal.  I also take pride in helping you to enjoy the process.   

Fitness is about far more than how you look.  It's about being able to live the life that you want to and feeling the best that you can.  Its about being your best for yourself and the people around you.  


My wife, Leslie, and I met in undergrad.  We always dreamed about moving south to Texas.  That move became our reality when she accepted her position with Texas A&M's ENMED program here in Houston, giving me the opportunity to bring the business that I built and have worked on full-time since 1997 here to Sienna.  

My commitment to my clients health is central to my business.  In addition to working in-person with clients I continue to train my Boston area clients live online via video conferencing (Apple Facetime, Google Duo, Facebook Portal).   Regardless of location all of my clients benefit from expert guidance and individual programs built by me specifically for each of them.  I would love to do the same for you, too!

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