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Fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus) with Good Health

There has been much discussion about measures that we can take to avoid catching the Coronavirus. However, I've heard little discussion about what we should do to prepare for the potential of contracting COVID-19. Defensive measures like hand washing and avoiding touching ones face make good sense, but what about offensive measures. If you do encounter the virus, your best defense will be the offensive measures that you took ahead of time to support and boost your immune system. Here are some simple measures that you can do to help ensure that your body is prepared to kick some Coronavirus butt.

Good Sleep Hygiene

Now is not the time to stay up to all hours watching 24-hour cable news. Put yourself on a regular sleep schedule by heading to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Make sure your bedroom is cool and DARK. Avoid screen time before bed as that can trigger your body into thinking its still daytime.

Eat Well

Instead if stockpiling boxes of pasta and cereal think about loading your home full of whole foods. Flash frozen meats, veggies, fruits and fish are great ways to maintain bountiful access to high quality foods. You are what you eat and so is your immune system. Loading your body full of highly processed and low quality foods suppresses your bodies natural ability to fight off disease. This could be a great time to build the habit of healthy eating while building an immune system fit to fight.


While researchers are working on a miracle drug take a moment to recognize that you already have one of your own! Exercise prepares the whole body to better confront challenges. Exercise is the most effective way to fight threats like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity and it also builds your body's natural response to fight COVID-19. The right amount of physical exercise stimulates the body to adapt and become stronger in all ways, including fortifying ones immune response.

We all hope preventative measures will prevail, but be smart and take the time and effort to boost your body's own ability to fight. You'll be stronger in every way for it!

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