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Having trouble sticking to your fitness plan? Accountability is the solution you're looking for!

There is so much truth in the marketing slogan "Just do it!" When "it" is exercise, however, many of us easily find a multitude of reasons to do something else. The greatest fitness or nutrition program only has value if you're able to stick to it. I often hear people say "I tried to exercise, but I just couldn't stay motivated."

The trouble with motivation is that it is temporary and often feels like something mystical or beyond our control. It's much like having the urge to do something. Accountability is a much more powerful tool because it cares not one bit about how much you want to do something. Accountability is a powerful way to keep a promise to yourself. Here are the 3 easiest ways to hold yourself accountable to what matters to you.

1) Tell the people you most respect about your goals and your plan to reach them. We have an inherent need to be seen as valuable and dependable. We feel it when others acknowledge our efforts. We also feel it when others see us fail to keep a commitment. Leverage that dynamic in your favor by sharing your commitment to your plan with others.

2) Join forces with someone who also has a common goal and plan. Also, be sure to set a regular time that you've both committed to. By doing so you've raised the bar for the numerous excuses that inevitably arise. It's easier to let ourselves down than to let down a partner. This collaboration helps empower both of you to stick with it.

3) Hire a coach. A trainer's first job is to hold you accountable to the standards that you have in mind for yourself. Guiding my clients through efficient and safe workouts certainly has value. However, listening to what my clients tell me about what they want for themselves matters every bit as much. A trainer helps you to keep your ultimate objectives front and center. That form of accountability is perhaps the greatest asset one acquires when they work with a personal trainer.

*Brian Day is an Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and owner of Fitness By Day Personal Training based in Missouri City, Texas. Brian is available for training in and around Sienna and worldwide online. Learn more at or by texting or calling (617)794-6796.

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